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How to Use Gifter

To make the experience with Gifter easier, we provide you with the basic steps to buy and redeem Gifter cards.

Select Value & Purchase

Select the Value & Purchase

Send the Gifter Card to the Giftee

Send the Gifter Card to the Giftee

Register on the Website & Select any Number of Merchants

Register on the Website & Select any Number of Merchants

Shop from the Selected Merchants

Shop from the Selected Merchants

Shop from The Best Gift Shops in Sri Lanka

Get the best shopping experience that you could wish for only through Gifter merchants which provides you with no limitations to your choices.

Merchants @ Merchants @ One Galeface

Island Nation


Belly Bees Store


Chamathka Jewellers


Ramzi & CO

New Voice Gaming

Best Way to Show that You Love Them ...

Let your loved ones know that it is time to take control over their gift vouchers!

Sri Lanka’s first ever “all gift vouchers” platform is unleashed leaving both the Gifter as well as Giftee happy and satisfied!

Providing them with an unlimited range of options to shop with no disappointments, now you can be a thoughtful giver. Let your precious ones stop by from store to store, or shop online with their gift voucher from Gifter without boundaries!

Thoughtful . Meaningful . Useful . Delightful

Express your love with a
personal touch that matters

Experience the art of gifting like never before. Give your loved ones the gift of choice with our Gifter Cards. Simply purchase a Gifter card of any value and have it delivered to your loved one. With our plethora of trusted merchants, your loved ones will be spoilt for gift choices - and to be honest, what better way is there to gift a meaningful and useful gift?

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