How Gifter Works

How Gifter Works

To make the experience with Gifter easier, we provide you with the basic steps to buy and redeem Gifter cards.



gifter purchasing a card

Gifter: Purchasing a Card

Pick one of the categories from the ‘Gifter Cards’ bar. Choose a Gifter voucher within the available value range.



Gifter Sending the Gifter card to the Giftee

Gifter: Sending the Gifter card to the Giftee

Add a delivery location which can be your address or the Giftees address and proceed to checkout. Add the billing details and the delivery details. A summary of your order will appear at the bottom. Make your payment directly through your debit or credit card to process your order through PayHere.



Giftee Selecting the number of merchants

Giftee: Selecting the number of merchants

Login the Gifter website if you have a Gifter account, or Register. Use the serial number and the pin number you received on your Gifter card to redeem. Allocate the full value of your Gift Voucher to different merchants according to your wish or save a part of the value to shop later. Submit the subtotal.



Giftee Shopping from the merchants

Giftee: Shopping from the merchants

You will receive a confirmation email with your e-gift voucher. Go to the physical stores, shop to match the value of your Gift Voucher and show your e-gift voucher to the cashier to purchase.

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